Basic Activities

Integration of Researchers at the Core of Regional Strategy

Inviting researchers from across the globe other than the concerned region, who can contribute to the realisation of regional strategy

Integration of researchers

Kyoto has universities conducting leading-edge research from foundation to application and the industries have unique technologies. The regional development will be achieved with the innovation unique to Kyoto by developing resources having more productivity and building organized coordination system, in addition to the Kyoto-specific business model wherein the universities and industry collaborate right from the foundation stage of research & development.

Building Knowledge Network of Universities

Building knowledge network with consortium of regional universities and research institutions

Knowledge network of universities

The Kyoto University conducts multi-layered research and development from foundation to applications, and has many researchers having great ideas. Based on the past business model that has achieved certain results, the theme for new regional innovation strategy is set and the energy problems are approached from the perspective of Power Generation, Power Storage, and Power Saving. This is a useful business model obtained from the efforts of Knowledge Cluster Initiative and assures that it will remain unrivalled by any other region.

Development and lmplementaion of Personnel Training Programs

Development of programs to contribute towards personnel training

Human resources development programs

The training programs that contribute to the capacity building of coordinators playing a central role of innovating by creating new values in the promotion of industry-academia-government collaboration will be developed.

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