Overview of Activities

Initiatives for creating regional innovation

Creation of green innovation, particularly the solution to energy problems is also a pressing issue for Japan.
Therefore, first, in order to create a pioneering model case, we are aiming at the promotion of research & development and industrialization with a focus on solving the problems of energy sector, based on the leading-edge research seeds of universities concentrated in the region, such as Kyoto University which is proud to be among the world’s leading universities, Kyoto Institute of Technology, and Doshisha University.

Research and development approach

In the field of innovative energy resources (Power Storage: Storing the energy), we aim to conduct research and development pertaining to the technology that uses methanol as a source of energy by CO2 reduction, and create the research results that lead to its commercialization.
In the field of new energy (Power Generation: Creating the energy), we will work towards the sophistication of power generation technologies, such as material development for fuel cells or storage cells that would lead to the next-generation alternative energy to nuclear power.
In the field of energy conservation (Power Saving: Using the limited energy with high efficiency), we will put efforts into the research and development of advanced DC/ACpower supply systems.

Initiatives for promoting practical use

We will build a system with organized coordinated activities to realize the full mobilization of management resources within Kyoto region, plan for allocation of coordinators who would play its leading role and sophistication of coordinator resources, and developa mechanism for creating unprecedented innovation.


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