Kyoto-Alberta, Canada Joint Seminar 3rd Workshop on Material & Energy Conversion from Carbon Dioxide ~ Power to Fuel Technology innovation toward the sustainable development of the world ~
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【About the Joint Seminar】

20151002161328005_samThis Joint Seminar organizes three lectures and discussions for realizing Power to Fuel technology which synthesizes fuel from CO2 and water. In the seminar we collaborate with Alberta, Canada which has advanced technologies regarding the utilization of CO2 flue gas.

The Power to Fuel technology has been being demonstrated recently in Europe and North America. In this seminar, we invite three prestigious lecturers both in Japan and Canada and discuss cutting-edge technologies, marketing and practical challenges regarding (1) CO2 separation and collection, (2) CO/H2 gas production by the electrolysis of CO2 and water and (3) Liquid fuel production by Fischer-Tropsch process, which are inevitable for realizing Power to Fuel

*Simultaneous interpretation (English/Japanese) will be provided for all of the lectures


Item Details
Date December 2nd, 2015  Seminar 13:00 ~ 16:20  Networking 16:40 ~ 17:40
Venue Kyoto Research Park Corp. Bldg#4 2nd Floor, Room#1 ※The map from this
(KRP West Area : 93 Chudoji Kurita-machi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto city)
  • 13:00 ~13:10
    【Opening】Advanced Science,Technology & Management Research Institute of KYOTO
  • 13:10~ 13:30
    【Special speech】「Alberta, Canada – Japan Economic Relations」
    Alberta Japan Office
    Managing Director  David Anderson
  • 13:30~ 14:10
    【Lecture】「Advancing Green Energy Innovation in Alberta, Canada」
    Alberta Innovates Energy and Environment Solutions
    CEO   Eddy Isaacs
    The project for CO2 collection storage (CCS), which the Province of Alberta has invested $1.3billion (ca. 123.5billion yen) in, will be mainly presented, including the technological innovation of the power industry as well as the sustainable development of crude oil.
  • 14:10 ~ 14:20 Break
  • 14:20 ~ 15:10
    【Lecture】「Steam and CO2 electrolysis performances of solid oxide electrolysis cell andefficiency of their production systems」
    Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
    Materials Science Research Laboratory     Senior Research Scientist     Masashi Mori
    The latest technical information on the electrolysis cell design, which is capable of decomposingCO2 and water electrochemically and producing CO/H2 gas will be presented. This research has been put in practice on JST-CREST project named as ‘Creation of Innovative Core Technology   for Manufacture and Use of Energy Carriers from Renewable Energy’
  • 15:10 ~ 15:20 Break
  • 15:20 ~ 16:00
    【Lecture】「Liquid fuel production from syngas and industrialization potential in Japan」
    National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
    Materials and Chemistry     Supervisory Innovation Coordinator   Satoshi Hirata
    The marketing and practical challenges of synthetic liquid fuel by the Fischer-Tropsch process will be presented. Private sector has recently been conducting a feasibility study of the synthetic liquid fuel for a practical application.
  • 16:00 ~ 16:20
    【Summary】Advanced Science,Technology & Management Research Institute of KYOTO
  • 16:40 ~ 17:40【Networking】
Capacity First 100 applicants
Deadline November 30th, 2015
Registration fees Free admission (Seminar)  1,000yen (Networking)
Sponsored by Advanced Science,Technology &Management Research Institute of KYOTO (ASTEM)
notes Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Innovation System Improvement Project Regional Innovation Strategy Support Program

※Registration : Please e-mail or fax the following information to the secretariat at
     ​​​​​​​​​E-mail: kenkyukai-innov@astem.or.jp , FAX: 075-315-3695

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