Human resources development program


In Kyoto, we have been emphasizing on the role of coordinators in the promotion of industry-academia collaboration, and working on their development. Among them, although the activities of coordinators largely depend on the knowledge and experience of individuals, there are limitations on their activities because the projects are of very diverse nature and their parent organizations are different. In short, the overall potential of coordinators has not been maximized, and there is a limit to the creation of major innovations.


Therefore, this program will contribute to the creation of innovation through the creation of new values, by promoting the improvement of organized coordination system that connects efforts of individual coordinators, in addition to the improvement of their coordination capabilities.

Implementation Method

Coordinators training
The capabilities of coordinators needed to manage and operate the projects that link social needs with research seeds, promote research & development, and lead the research results to the industrialization will be assessed, and training programs aimed at the improvement of those capabilities will be developed and implemented.

Coordinators skall session
The efforts to build organized coordination system that leverages the human network will be further promoted, by creating a forum for coordinators engaged in creation of new values by connecting industry, academia and government.

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